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Combined, the London Ergonomics team has over 45 years working experience in the employee health and wellness field.  We have worked with some of the largest and most successful corporations in Ontario providing solutions to those who see the value in a strong and healthy team. We have learned about the growing need for Ergonomics in business as well as personal lives. A healthy workforce can reduce employee absenteeism and costly claims. A preventative Ergonomic program can extend the work life of your employees and increase the company’s productivity.

We are a dynamic company that offers a fresh approach into the world of ergonomics. Our Professional Ergonomists have backgrounds with Kinesiology and Advanced Ergonomic Studies. 

Our employees have a complex foundation of knowledge in biomechanics and human anatomy combined with ergonomic principles. With our comprehensive skills we perform detailed assessments that will help reduce the risk of injuries to your employees. 

What stands us apart from other ergonomic organizations is our vast network of connections to the medical and wellness fields. Not only can we take care of your ergonomic needs but we can assist in the overall health and wellbeing of your most important asset, your people. Our enthusiasm for making employees healthier and happier is what drives us on a daily basis. 

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Marwood contracted London Ergonomics to assess our workplace and provide Ergonomic services.


Not only have they been affordable but Melissa  is very personable and easy to work with. She is passionate about the work she does. The team is very is knowledgeable in their  field and is able to complete  work in a professional and timely manner. I would recommend London Ergo to other companies wanting to complete ergonomic assessments and physical demands analysis. 

"I recently purchased a desk and monitor arms from Sarah. Sarah was great to deal with. She provided me with lots of options and I was able to customize the desk to my liking.


Working in my office is so comfortable everyday as I can go from sitting to standing with a push of a button. The monitor arms are super easy to attach to the desk and leave no damage if you decide to move to another spot. Thank you Sarah for all your help during this process!"

After moving to a work from home environment, I noticed body aches and pain after putting in a full day at my computer. I knew my chair needed to be replaced.


I spoke to Sarah Deakin from London Ergonomics and she showed me a few options and explained all of the features of a new ergonomic chair. I ordered a chair based on certain features and recommendations from Sarah and now I no longer have any back or shoulder pain. My chair has provided a huge improvement to how I feel at the end of the day

- T. Pickersgill - HR Marwood International

- C. Boertien

- A. Lockhart

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